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Homescapes APK Stelle Infinite: Un'avventura di Design e Strategia

Homescapes APK Stelle Infinite: How to Get Unlimited Stars in Homescapes

Do you love playing Homescapes, the popular match-3 puzzle and home renovation game from Playrix? Do you want to make your dream house come true without spending real money? If so, you might be interested in Homescapes APK Stelle Infinite, a modded version of the game that gives you unlimited stars to use as you please. In this article, we will tell you what Homescapes is, why you need stars in the game, how to get unlimited stars with Homescapes APK Stelle Infinite, and some tips and tricks to help you beat the levels and enjoy the game.

What is Homescapes?

Homescapes is a fun and engaging game that offers a unique blend of match-3 puzzles and story-driven gameplay. The game's colorful graphics, engaging characters, and satisfying house renovation mechanics make it a hit with players of all ages.

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A fun and casual match-3 puzzle game

Homescapes gameplay is similar to its predecessor, Gardenscapes. A board of each puzzle includes colorful tilesteacups, books, bowties, buttons, lamps, teapots, and others. A player swaps two adjacent items to match three or more of them. The player has to complete levels and get stars to unlock new chapters in the family story. The game is simple, fun, and casual, and can be played to pass the time.

A story-driven home renovation game

Homescapes follows Austin the Butler from Gardenscapes as he pays a visit to his parents home. Upon arrival, he notes that the entire house is falling apart. In order to straighten things up, youll need to play through a variety of match-3 puzzle games in order to help Austin remodel and restore his parents home. You can decide what the house will look like by choosing from thousands of design options. You can also interact with the characters and follow their lives on the in-game social network.

A game with colorful graphics and characters

Homescapes has a charming and vibrant visual style that appeals to both kids and adults. The game features a huge, beautiful mansion with many rooms to explore and decorate. The game also has fantastic characters that have their own personalities and stories. You can meet Austin's parents, his childhood friends, his pet cat, and many more. You can also invite your Facebook friends to help you create your own cozy atmosphere in the house.

Why do you need stars in Homescapes?

Stars are the main currency in Homescapes that you need to progress in the game. You can use stars for various purposes such as:

To renovate and decorate the mansion

Every time you complete a level in Homescapes, you earn one star. You can use these stars to renovate and decorate different rooms in the mansion according to your preference. You can choose from different furniture styles, wallpapers, carpets, curtains, lamps, paintings, plants, and more. You can also change your design anytime you want.

To unlock new chapters and events

As you renovate the mansion, you also unlock new chapters in the family story along the way. You can learn more about Austin's past, his parents' relationship, his friends' secrets, and his cat's adventures. You can also participate in various events and competitions that offer special rewards and prizes.

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To get rewards and bonuses

Stars can also help you get more rewards and bonuses in Homescapes. For example, you can use stars to open chests that contain coins, boosters, power-ups, and other useful items. You can also use stars to activate the Star Chest, which gives you extra coins and a surprise gift every time you collect enough stars. You can also use stars to access the Lucky Spin, which gives you a chance to win more coins, boosters, lives, or even a jackpot.

How to get unlimited stars in Homescapes?

As you can see, stars are very important in Homescapes, but they are also very hard to get. You only get one star per level, and some levels are very challenging and require multiple attempts. You can also buy stars with real money, but that can be very expensive and not everyone can afford it. So, is there a way to get unlimited stars in Homescapes without spending a dime? Yes, there is! Here are some tips and tricks to help you get unlimited stars in Homescapes:

Use power-ups and boosters wisely

Power-ups and boosters are special items that can help you clear the board faster and easier. Power-ups are created by matching four or more tiles of the same type, and they have different effects depending on their shape and color. For example, a bomb power-up can explode and clear an area of tiles around it, while a rainbow ball power-up can clear all tiles of the same color on the board. Boosters are items that you can use before or during a level, and they have various functions such as shuffling the tiles, removing obstacles, or adding extra moves. You can get power-ups and boosters by playing the game, opening chests, spinning the wheel, or buying them with coins. However, you should use them wisely and strategically, as they are limited and valuable. You should save them for harder levels or when you are stuck.

Create paper planes and rockets

Paper planes and rockets are two of the most useful power-ups in Homescapes. A paper plane is created by matching four tiles in a square shape, and it can fly to any tile on the board and clear it. A rocket is created by matching four tiles in a row or column, and it can clear an entire row or column of tiles. You can also combine paper planes and rockets to create a powerful combo that can clear multiple rows and columns at once. Paper planes and rockets can help you complete levels faster and easier, especially when you need to collect certain tiles or remove obstacles. You should try to create as many paper planes and rockets as possible in every level.

Complete tasks and challenges

Tasks and challenges are another way to earn more stars in Homescapes. Tasks are mini-quests that you can complete by renovating or decorating the mansion. For example, you can complete a task by changing the wallpaper, fixing the stairs, or adding a new furniture item. Each task requires a certain number of stars to complete, but it also rewards you with coins, XP points, or other items. Challenges are special events that occur periodically in the game. For example, there is the Star Tournament challenge that ranks you against other players based on how many stars you collect in a given time period. The more stars you collect, the higher your rank and the bigger your reward. You should try to complete as many tasks and challenges as possible to get more stars in Homescapes.

Download Homescapes APK Stelle Infinite

If none of the above tips and tricks work for you, or if you just want to have unlimited stars without any hassle or effort, then you might want to try downloading Homescapes APK Stelle Infinite. This is a modded version of the game that gives you unlimited stars for free. You can use these stars to do whatever you want in the game without any limitations or restrictions. You can renovate and decorate the mansion as much as you like, unlock all the chapters and events, get all the rewards and bonuses, and enjoy the game to the fullest.

However, before you download Homescapes APK Stelle Infinite, there are some things you should know:

- This is not an official version of the game from Playrix. It is a modified version created by third-party developers who have no affiliation with Playrix. - This version may not be compatible with your device or operating system. It may also contain bugs, errors, viruses, malware, or other harmful elements that could damage your device or compromise your security. - This version - This version


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