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[S8E11] The Final Page [WORK]

When Robin heads to the roof of the building, she sees no sign of Patrice. Instead she finds a page from Barney's Playbook, titled "The Robin". Barney had a long plan to get back together with Robin, which started with proclaiming his love for Robin and intentionally getting shot down. He went to Patrice for help and pretended to date her so that Robin would realize her feelings for him. When Barney arrives, Robin feels that she cannot trust Barney because of how he manipulated her to get to this moment. He asks her to turn the page over and she does; it reads "Hope she says yes." When she puts the page down, she sees Barney down on one knee holding the ring, asking her to marry him. She tearfully accepts, and they embrace and kiss as snow begins to fall.

[S8E11] The Final Page

Bays said that "the idea of a long con" represented by Barney's play to win Robin was influenced by "the final run of episodes in season four of Breaking Bad and that they "wanted a moment of, 'Ohhhhh, that's what's been going on.' Just without anyone getting blown up or poisoned." He adds that they are "not blind to the possible ickiness of how Barney went about getting Robin to say yes" but that it shows Barney's character "in a nutshell: loveable amorality."[3]

Donna Bowman of The A.V. Club gave the episode an A. She calls the episode "hilarious" and "touching". She says that the show "deftly and imaginatively" turned "Barney the womanizer into Barney the fiancé." She called making "Patrice ... part of the final play" a "brilliant idea". She adds that "nearly every character gets great material" in the episode.[5]

Ethan Alter of Television Without Pity gave the episode a C+. He described the episode as "not good" and the storyline of Barney and Robin's reunion as "painfully drawn-out". He referred to the presence of Peter Gallagher and Seth Green as "the upside" of the episode and using the "Silence of the Lambs motif as both a comic and dramatic device" as "the downside". He describes the trip to Wesleyan as "obvious, but not entirely unenjoyable filler." He says that the reveal of the final play and Barney's proposal comes "to nobody's surprise besides Robin's."[6]

The cold opening begins with Dwight making a shushing gesture to the camera crew. Jim enters via the break room to hand Stanley a cup of orange juice and on his way to his desk, Andy shows Jim the time on his watch, to which Jim replies with a thumbs up. The entire office seem to go about their usual routine, but not one person is speaking. Jim reveals in a silent Talking Head that the whole office has arranged a challenge of a silent streak that has been going on for fourteen minutes thus far. Dwight receives a call and out of fear of breaking the streak, he picks up the phone and places it back down, refusing to answer and sparking a silent acknowledgement and cheer from his colleagues. In his office, Andy spots a raccoon eating a hamburger in the parking lot and excitedly (and silently) attempts to tell his employees. Kevin opens the wrapper of his candy bar and as he eats it, he exclaims, "Oh yeah," breaking the silent streak. Oscar berates Kevin on his need to vocalize his phrase while Jim proposes that the entire office attempt to beat the record of twenty minutes after they have let out as much speaking as possible. Andy finally informs the office about the raccoon, Dwight tells Jim that the banging of his pen against his desk irritates Dwight, Erin asks the office if a first-aid kit is available for the noticeable cut on her hand and Darryl showcases a new song that he has written. The scene concludes with Jim counting down to restart the silent streak challenge.

Andy, who is worried that he will not be able to meet the 8% quarterly sales growth figures that Robert California asked for by $830, starts to think of creative ways to sell more paper. During a conference room meeting, he proposes that everyone in the office buy paper to alleviate some of the burden, but no one is willing. He then decides to ask Oscar to make a rounding mistake in the books, but Oscar tells Andy that he does not have time to make the mistake because he is leaving for a trivia contest in a bar in Philadelphia. He tells Andy that the prize is $1000 and his team is determined to win it. Andy, encouraged by Darryl and Jim, decides to take the entire office to Philadelphia in an attempt to win the money and make up the sales growth difference. At the bar, which turns out to be a gay bar called the Liberty Well, Andy divides the office into three teams: Dunder Mifflin A-Team (Jim, Darryl, Andy, and Ryan), Dunder-Mifflin B-Team (Stanley, Phyllis, Creed, and Cathy), and the "Just For Fun" team (Kevin, Kelly, Erin, and Meredith). Oscar refuses to join Andy and stays on his original team. Initially, the Dunder Mifflin A-Team does well until they soon falter. However, much to Andy's surprise, the "Just For Fun" team (calling themselves The Einsteins) ends up doing much better than expected because of the group's trivial knowledge on a variety of issues. Humorously, the team misses the answers to a handful of common questions, including one about their namesake. They make it to the final round against Oscar's team and eventually win thanks to Kevin's correct answers. However, the Just for Fun team's luck runs out when they later get demolished while trying to win another bar's even more lucrative trivia contest.

Spike finally turns to Zecora for a solution, and though she can't interfere with a dragon's natural development, she suggests fixing his body odor and vocal shifts so that he doesn't have to isolate himself from ponies. Just then, Rarity arrives at Zecora's hut, causing Spike to hide from her. Rarity has recently developed hearing problems, which Zecora identifies as a side effect of prolonged exposure to phoenix feathers. Zecora gives Rarity some medicinal ear drops and keeps her distracted before she discovers Spike's presence.

In one of the final episodes of the show, Ted tells the Mother about how the wedding party disagreed over an unexpected guest Gary Blauman (Taran Killam). Barney kicks him out, and Marshall wonders if they will ever see him again. Eventually, Blauman comes back because he did not want to miss the wedding.

They watch the explosion on YouTube. The patient explained the student who helped set it up put in too much of one of the chemicals. Adams tells Cofield the student was just trying to make a good video and didn't intend to hurt anyone. They figure the extra hydrofluoric acid in the experiment burned the patient's lungs. Park puts the unconsciousness down to a brain stem injury at the same moment that was delayed until the swelling got worse. Cofield starts to realize she's hiding something. Park admits that House wore a gas mask and had a stink bomb that Chase had planted in his office, except House found it before it went off and went to teach his fellows a lesson. He wouldn't let them out of the room until they come up with a way of treating the acid burns inside the lung. Taub finally suggests aerosolized heparin, an experimental treatment only used in sheep. House likes the idea and goes with it. House defends both the treatment for a rapidly deteriorating patient and the stink bomb. Cofield accuses House of using manipulation to get his team to come up with unsafe ideas. House says if they had used safe ideas, the patient would have died.

House goes to the patient's room to get the patient's EKG. He goes to his team to tell them the patient has excessive RR variability. Chase is lying unconscious. House tells them to focus on their real patient because there's nothing they can do for Chase. When House continues, Adams tells him to shut up. Chase finally regains consciousness and complains he can't feel his legs.

The next morning, House shows up in the interview room early. Foreman and the team arrive as well. Cofield finally arrives. Cofield admits he didn't sleep. He calls House brilliant, but a fiasco. He says if he exonerates him, he sends a message to the rest of the staff that it's fine if they act the same way. However, as Cofield tries to continue, the patient's wife arrives looking for House. She knows what's going on. She says House isn't nice, but House was right about the tumor. They expect the husband to make a full recovery. She thanks Dr. House and leaves. Cofield finally continues. He calls House dangerous and inappropriate, but admits he's effective. He realizes that he will only hurt the hospital if he changes House's process. He says that the stabbing was nobody's fault. As he goes to leave, House calls him a coward. He notes Cofield has twenty pages of notes he was obviously planning to read. House takes the folder and finds a parole form in it. He realizes Cofield was going to send him back to prison. House reminds him that a good outcome in the case doesn't affect whether House did the right thing or not. House leaves.

If you listened closely, one of the Saviors tells Dwight that they barely recognize him without his vest. Dwight stole Daryl's biker vest from him on the season six finale. Daryl swiped it back from Dwight about a year and a half later on December's mid-season finale.

Back at Charlie's home, her ritual displays herself at intervals of ten years, beginning at her 20s. Here she acknowledges her faults of youth. She sees herself growing older and learning the lessons of age, finally ending up in her 90s, old and wise. Charlie merges with her future self, and has a sudden realization that she's been selfish to and dismissive of her father. 041b061a72


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