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Luca Scott
Luca Scott


Currently, we are limited to 100 items for online purchasing. If someone is unable to find the items online they would like to purchase, please email and we can add the desired items (based on availability) to the online shop.


When a treasured pet passes, Agape Pet Services can help you through the mourning process with animal cremation services and customized pet cremation glass jewelry, keepsakes and more. Our cremation ash art glass memorials are handmade and completely unique, and they make the perfect tribute to your shared bond.

Our art glass keepsakes include the Eternal Flame, Forever Heart and the Remembrance Sphere. These art glass memorials also feature a small portion of the cremains of your beloved pet, which are folded into the glass when it is fired and preserved forever within your gorgeous artistic keepsake. Perfect for your desk, display case, bookshelf or living room, each art glass memorial is available in your choice of colors and is completely unique. When you prefer a contemporary pet memorial with a distinctive and eye-catching appearance, our art glass memorials make an elegant choice.

Once you have a finished illustration, you can add it to any of our silhouette keepsakes. When you order, just provide us with your order number and we will pull the digital copy of your final silhouette to laser engrave it on a Precious Charm, Wooden Heirloom, or another item!

Keepsakes are items that increase Cassidy's power during a single run, being lost upon returning to the Wake World. More keepsakes can be unlocked by using her Sketchbook. In higher Dream Intensity levels, special keepsakes of the Cursed variety will spawn. These tend to be powerful, but have a negative tradeoff to compensate.

There was an Ann Landers column that dealt with keepsakes. It began with a poignant story of a woman whose treasures from her grandmother had been thrown away. Later in the column was a letter from another reader: "When a relative of mine died, I was given some cash and told to select an item as a keepsake. I chose her beat-up old potato masher. The cash is gone now, but every time I use that potato masher, I think of my relative and smile."

Children like the hottest "new" stuff, but they also have a real need for "old stuff" that connects them to their family and its history. In the short term, keepsakes create an immediate sense of connection. Over the years, they become a powerful symbol of that connection. Keepsakes evoke memories and feelings. They also make us feel part of something bigger. They are a critical part of a living family legacy. Summed up one precocious little girl, "My grandma gave my mom a very beautiful ring, and someday she's going to give it to me, and someday I'll give it to my daughter. That's the way you make history." Yes, indeed.

The Davis Whitehall Co. is proud to offer a full collection of memorials and keepsakes in fine wood finishes, personalization options, marble and ceramic urns, brass urns, and pet urns all made in the U.S.A.

The colorful space tackles themes of nostalgia, girlhood, keepsakes, and staging. Alpert is interested in the things we collect and arrange that become imbued with meaning and the repetitive, daily chores we perform in an attempt to care for ourselves and our spaces. Each moment in the 88-foot-long sequence acts as an altar to the everyday object with flashes of surreal, subconscious imagery.

Methods: We performed a secondary analysis of family interviews during a multicenter study on the 3WP and characterized all wishes that involved keepsakes. Sixty interviews with family members regarding the 3WP were reanalyzed using qualitative analysis to identify substantive themes related to keepsakes.

Results: Of 730 patients, 345 (47%) received keepsakes as part of their participation in 3WP. Most keepsakes were either tangible items that served as reminders of the patient's presence (thumbprints and locks of hair) or technology-assisted items (photographs and word clouds). The median cost per keepsake wish was $8.50 (interquartile range $2.00-$25.00). Qualitative analysis revealed two major themes: keepsakes are tangible items that are highly valued by family members; and the creation of the keepsake with clinical staff is valued and viewed as a gesture of compassion.

The cremation keepsakes collection at OneWorld Memorials offers an array of unique options for memorializing your loved one. Discover beautiful ways to preserve cremation ashes while honoring their individuality with photo frames, lamps, figurines and other selections in our collection. Personalize your choice with custom engraving that offers the comfort of words in a time of loss. Share ashes with loved ones by offering each person a keepsake.

Your loved one lit up your world. Light up your memories of them with unique candleholder or lamp keepsakes that add a warm glow to your home. Choose from luminous stained-glass options and weighty marble selections that keep the flames of love alive whenever you flip a switch or strike a match.

Personalizing a keepsake with professionally etched engraving creates a lasting memorial that can be appreciated for generations. Many of the ash keepsakes in our collection can be personalized with engraving that commemorates your loved one in special and unique ways. Read more about the use of cremation keepsakes in our article Cremation Keepsakes: A Perfect Way to Share Ashes.

Oneworld Memorials is a customer centered company offering a wide range of personalized human and pet memorial products. We carry beautiful cremation jewelry, heartfelt sympathy gifts, unique urns and keepsakes. Shop premium wood, metal, ceramic, marble, glass and biodegrable urns priced at a fraction of the cost you would be expected to pay at funeral homes.


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