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Day by day, smartphones and tablets are becoming ever more popular, and as a result, the technology used in development to add new features or improve the security of such devices is advancing too fast. iPhone and iPad are the game-changer products launched by Apple. Apple operating system (IOS) devices started growing popular in the mobile world. The latest smartphones or tablets can perform ideally most of the tasks which could be performed on a laptop or personal computer.


IOS devices provide larger storage space that could store emails, browsing histories, chat histories, Wi-Fi data and GPS data and more. From the forensics perspective, such devices could present lots of useful artifacts during the investigation. There are well-defined procedures to extract and analyze data from IOS devices which are included in this paper. This paper could be divided into the following sections. Introduction to the forensic processes focused towards mobile forensics, extracting logical and physical data from the IOS devices, IOS file system and storage analysis, analysis of logical data, data from the iTunes and iCloud back up, Wi-Fi and GPS data.

Mobile forensics is a field of digital forensics which is focused on mobile devices which are growing very fast. Due to the exponential growth of the mobile market, the importance of mobile forensics has also increased. The mobile phone generally belongs to a single person so analysis of it could reveal lots of personal information.

Due to the rapid growth, it also introduced challenges. The ratio of new models designed and launched is very high which makes it very difficult to follow similar procedures. Each case or investigation of the new model needs to be considered differently and requires following steps that could be different and unique to the case. With these challenges in mobile forensics, syncing mobiles phone to a computer using software becomes easy. One could extract data like SMS, contacts, installed applications, GPS data and emails, deleted data.

Preservation of evidence is a very crucial step in digital forensics. If it is very important to maintain evidence integrity throughout the investigation. For mobile forensics below steps are good practices to follow:

HFSX file system is a variation of HFS+ file system which is used in the Apple mobile devices. There is only one variation which is that it is case sensitive and it allows having two files with similar names but different case.

SQLite databases are most common data storage in IOS devices as well as other mobile platforms like Windows Phone. These databases are used to store data of native as well as third- party applications.

The Voicemail folder at /private/var/mobile/Library contains AMR codec audio files of each voicemail recorded message and voicemail.db database, where information related to each audio file like sender, the date, the duration and so on are stored.

Auto correction and auto-completion while typing are supported by IOS devices. Device caches user types in file dynamic-text.dat file. A file can be found via path /private/var/mobile/Library/Keyboard. In the same directory IOS stores, one file for each language is used and configured on the keyboard.

/private/var/mobile/Library/Springboard/ stores images used as wallpaper. Two types of wallpaper images are available. HomeBackgroundThumbnail.jpg which is related to the wallpaper when the device is unlocked. LockBackgroundThumbnail.jpg is related to the wallpaper when the device is locked.

/private/var/mobile/Applications/8F139264-9142-4B84-A7C3-421ADD6BA05F/ is the path where Google drive application is stored. There are two subfolders within it. Documents and Library. In Library another subfolders Caches, preferences, and Cookies.

Popular 3-in-1 mobile application that helps you transfer your contacts and messages from other phones, backs up your content locally or to the cloud, and lets you manage your phone on a PC via Wi-Fi.

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This article provided by MiniTool Tech mainly talks about something about mobile phone SIM card clone, especially the steps of the cloning process. You can quickly learn the method through the word guide together with a video manual.

SIM card, Subscriber Identity/Identification Module, is an integrated circuit that intends to securely store the IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) number and its related key (Ki). The Ki is a 128-bit value used to enable the operator to know the mobile number and authenticate the SIMs.

The SIM card is the transmitter of the signal between the phone and the tower. The IMSI and Ki are related to your mobile numbers which the operators store in their vast database. Based on those secret keys, SIM cards are able to let billing be made to you.

Until now, you have successfully cloned your SIM card. When you put the cloned SIM card into another mobile phone, it will work. In the future, when someone calls you, both phones will ring, but you can only answer from one phone while the other will fail to be answered.

Alignment to the NIST SP 800-181 Cybersecurity Workforce FrameworkCategorySpecialty AreaWork RolesOversee and GovernCybersecurity ManagementInformation Systems Security ManagerProtect and DefendIncident ResponseCyber Defense Incident ResponderSecurely ProvisionRisk ManagementAuthorizing Official/Designating Representative+ Course Modules/Units Professionalizing Election Admin IntroBeing an IT ManagerElection SystemsTechnology and the Election OfficeProcuring ITTesting and AuditsElection SecurityPrinciples of Information SecurityPhysical SecurityCybersecurity and ElectionsHuman SecurityRisk Management and ElectionsIncident Response Scenarios and ExercisesPhishing and ElectionsDDOS Attacks and ElectionsWebsite DefacingElection Infrastructure SecurityDHS Cyber Security Tools and ServicesEAC Resources 12 Hours Emerging Cyber Security ThreatsSkill Level: Intermediate + Description This course covers a broad range of cybersecurity elements that pose threats to information security posture. The various threats are covered in detail, followed by mitigation strategies and best practices. It will cover what the policies are, the roles it plays in cybersecurity, how they are implemented. The course will also look at cybersecurity laws, standards, and initiatives. Topics include policy, knowing your enemy, mobile device security, cloud computing security, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) security, LAN security using switch features, securing the network perimeter, securing infrastructure devices, security and DNS and IPv6 security. Video demonstrations are included to reinforce concepts.

Alignment to the NIST SP 800-181 Cybersecurity Workforce FrameworkCategorySpecialty AreaWork RolesSecurely ProvisionRisk ManagementAuthorizing Official/Designating RepresentativeSecurely ProvisionSystems ArchitectureEnterprise Architect, Security ArchitectSecurely ProvisionSystems Requirements Planning Systems Requirements PlannerSecurely ProvisionTest and Evaluation System Testing and Evaluation SpecialistOversee and Govern Cybersecurity Management Information Systems Security ManagerProtect and Defend Incident Response Cyber Defense Incident Responder+ Course Modules/Units Cloud Security Through FedRAMPThe FedRAMP Authorization ProcessFedRAMP Security Assessment Framework (SAF) 22 Hours Mobile and Device Security (2015)Skill Level: Beginner + Description This course focuses on mobile devices, how they operate, and their security implications. This course includes topics such as signaling types, application stores, managing mobile devices, and emerging trends and security and privacy concerns with social media.

  • Learning Objectives:Discover mobile device technology components and architectures and how to properly secure them.

  • Examine historical and current threats to mobile devices and methods for remediating against them.

  • Establish best practices and procedures for performing mobile device forensic investigations.

Date: 2015

Alignment to the NIST SP 800-181 Cybersecurity Workforce FrameworkCategorySpecialty AreaWork RolesInvestigateDigital ForensicsCyber Defense Forensics AnalystOperate and MaintainCustomer Service and Technical SupportTechnical Support SpecialistOperate and MaintainSystems AnalysisSystems Security AnalystOversee and GovernLegal Advice and AdvocacyPrivacy Officer/Privacy Compliance Manager+ Course Modules/Units Mobile Security Course IntroductionCellular Network GenerationsNetwork Standards IntroductionCDMA TDMA and GSM IntroductionGPRS Edge and UMTS IntroductionAdditional Network StandardsBluetooth and Wi-FiCellular Network ComponentsMobile Switching Center DatabaseAuthentication and Government Standards4G LTEMobile Device ComponentsMobile Device Operating SystemsAndroid CustomizationWireless Technology IntroductionWiFi StandardsWi-Fi Standards : 802.11acWiFi TypesWireless Fidelity Part 2WiFi Channels and SSIDsWiFi Signals and HardwareBluetoothWiMAXAdditional StandardsNear Field CommunicationIntroduction to ThreatsLost and Stolen DevicesAdditional Device-Level ThreatsNear Field Communications and Mobile ThreatsApplication-Level ThreatsRogue ApplicationsNetwork-Level ThreatsPineapple Router Malicious HotspotMalicious Use Threats Mobile Hacking ToolsMobile Device Security IntroductionMobile Device Security Introduction Cont.Android IntroductionAndroid SecurityAndroid Application SecurityGoogle Android OS FeaturesInstalling AntivirusiOS Security Model and PlatformiOS Application SecurityJailbreaking iOSiOS Application Security Cont.Apple iOS Update Part 1 of 2Apple iOS Update Part 2 of 2Windows Phone Security Model and PlatformWindows Implementation and Application SecurityWindows Phone UpdateWiFi SecurityWiMax and BluetoothBluetooth AttackProtecting DataEncryptionAndroid EncryptioniOS EncryptionEmail SecurityAndroid and iOS Email SecurityWindows Email SecurityiOS HardeningiOS Hardening ContBlackberry HardeningAndroid HardeningAndroid Hardening Cont.Windows Phone HardeningWindows Phone Password and CookiesWindows Phone Wi-FiWindows Phone - Find, Wipe, and BackupDevice Security PoliciesExchange and BESMobile Device ManagementMobile Device Management Cont.McAfee Mobility ManagementForensics OverviewForensics Role and FrameworkDevice IdentificationDevice Identification Cont.Network DataNetwork Data Cont.PreservationPreservation Cont.AcquisitionAcquisition Cont.Device Specific AcquisitionHashingHashing Cont.AnalysisArchiving and ReportingCellebriteForensics DemonstrationXRY/XACTOxygen and CellXtractParaben and MOBILedit!Additional MethodsSubscriber DataBenefits of Social MediaRisks of Social MediaLiabilities Associated with Social MediaSocial Media ControlsEmerging TrendsEmerging Trends Cont.New Technologies in Mobile DevicesMobile Devices and the CloudMobile Security Course Quiz 4 Hours Mobile ForensicsSkill Level: Advanced+ Description This course provides an overview of mobile forensics, the branch of digital forensics that focuses on forensically sound extraction and analysis of evidence from mobile devices. Cell phone investigations have grown exponentially with data from mobile devices becoming crucial evidence in a wide array of incidents. The course begins with highlighting details of the field and then focuses on the iOS architecture, concluding with data acquisition and analysis. 041b061a72


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