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Luca Scott
Luca Scott


ImportantConsularInformation:Adoptions Certificationsand Legalization CitizenshipInformation for Funeral HomesPassportsTravel documentsVisasWaiversGeneral InformationOtherUsefulInformation:Bulgaria in the US MediaHolidaysNews from Bulgaria Bulgarian School Waivers, Statements of No ObjectionMany J-1 visa holders are subject to atwo-year home residency requirement. It means that oncompletion of their exchange program they must return totheir home country and remain there for at least two years.before they are eligible to apply for a green card or changeof status (for example H-1 B visa).The reason for this is that many J-1 visaprograms are set up and financed by by foreign governmentsfor the specific purpose of getting US training for theircitizens. The foreign governments hope that those who aretrained will eventually return and use their new skills tobenefit their homeland. Some of the programs are financed bythe US government with the same purpose.Therefore, the US makes every effort to seethat J-1 exchange visitors fulfill the home residencyrequirements. It is only with with the consent of thegovernments of the country of the visitor that thisrequirement can be waived, i.e. he can get a waiver. Thisconsent is declared in a Statement of No Objection, preparedby his country's Embassy in Washington, DC, and sent to theUS Department of State which after considering the caseinforms directly the applicant.It usually takes one week for the Embassy ofBulgaria in Washington, DC to prepare the Statement. Thetime required for the processing of the application by theUS Department of State is 60-90 days.The fee the Embassy charges is $72, payablewith money order, cashier's check or cash. Personal checksare not accepted.Please remember that theStatement of No Objection is only a part of the waiverprocedure. The whole procedure is described in

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