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Recipes For Love And Murder

We meet Maria leaving her house, clad in mismatched floral garments, a chicken under her arm. She picks up an ax as she makes her way to an outbuilding. There's a thud and an alarmed squawk. But the chicken appears (its name is Morag), and so does Maria, munching watermelon. The titles run over an astonishing series of food preparation vignettes, beautiful and visceral, with more than a hint of violence, crushed fruits, pools of red juice, and a bloody knife sluiced clean. For Maria, food is a philosophy, her view of the world. It can change moods, evoke love, bring unity (there are echoes of Chocolat in this series), and reveal emotional truth. It's no coincidence the entrance to the town's newspaper office is through a butcher's shop.

Recipes for Love and Murder

Tannie Maria's next letter is from a lonely farmer who wants to find love, the object of his desire being a veterinarian who visits a sick ostrich. He talks to the camera, and they both long for each other but can't find the words. Maria responds with a cake recipe, and the first-time bachelor-baker produces a cake worthy of the Great British Baking Show. (Chocolate! Ganache! Fruit garnish!) Meanwhile, Martine does as Tannie Maria suggests, and Dirk comes home with flowers, enjoys the curry, and there appears to be a reconciliation.

But the cycle continues, and Martine is found dead. Ever the intrepid reporter, Jessie follows the police to the house. Did Dirk kill her? Maybe not. His alibi holds up. Hunky detective Khaya Meyer warns the two away from meddling with the case; as we'd expect, she and Jessie ignore him. Anna, who claims she was the only person who truly loved Martine, is devastated by her death, but she's arrested when her fingerprints are found on the murder weapon. A crowd gathers outside the police station as she's brought in, and Dirk is among them. Not the sharpest knife in the drawer, he's armed, and it's only then he's arrested.

Maria is disappointed no one will eat the cake because they're either bleeding or vegan and shocked that Khaya seizes the cake as evidence because a bullet passed through it. It's becoming apparent the implications of Martine's death will spread throughout the community and beyond, and Maria and Jessie are in danger. We can look forward to four more weeks of this quirky, clever series and lots of luscious food. Maybe Detective Meyer will succumb to pastries and love (Maria? Jessie?). What could be better?

Recipes for Love and Murder stars award-winning actress Maria Doyle Kennedy (Outlander, Orphan Black, Kin) as the empathetic, accomplished, and complicated recipe advice columnist for a small-town gazette, who investigates the murder of one of her correspondents, as well as Tony Kgoroge (Invictus, Long Walk to Freedom) in the role of Khaya Meyer, the local Chief Detective.

The first advice Tannie Maria wrote was to a woman who was murdered right after. Tannie Maria felt connected to the case. She and Jessie immediately got involved in searching for the killer. This did not please the local police.

As the story moves along there are plenty of suspicious characters, more murders, danger for the leading women, a dash of romance, and so so so many gorgeous shots of food and cooking. Everyone is the cast was eating or drinking in nearly every scene. Did I mention the exquisite food?

Instead, the paper is making room for an advice column and so Tannie Maria applies for the gig, offering advice and recipes to readers. Things take an unexpected turn though when a woman she was corresponding with about her abusive husband is found dead.

This food-centric and quirky murder mystery series is based on Sally Andrew's acclaimed novel Recipes for Love and Murder: A Tannie Maria Mystery and centres on Maria Purvis (Kennedy), an advice columnist who investigates the murder of one of her correspondents.

When Martine, a woman who writes to Maria about her abusive husband, is found dead, Maria joins forces with a local, risk-taking, rookie journalist, Jessie September (played by newcomer Kylie Fisher), to solve the small-town murder and catch the killer - before the local police finds more victims. Tony plays Khaya Meyer, the local Chief Detective.

I have always been fascinated by people and I love stories. All we are is who we are to each other. Our childhoods are such a formative time and they echo into our future. We never really leave them behind. If we have a childhood wound we have to fix it. Childhood trauma and recovering from it is such a fascinating topic. Psychology has always intrigued me. We can suppress memories and then, boom!, they hit us and we have to deal with the fallout. I have read so many books on the topic and I look forward to reading more in the future.

Before Game of Thrones became a cultural touchstone, Martin was known as much for his horror novels as for his fantasy. The Armageddon Rag follows the reunion of 1960s prog-rock legends The Nazgul, who broke up after their lead singer, Patrick Hobbins, was assassinated onstage. When a wealthy promoter introduces the surviving band members to a Hobbins doppelganger who seems to be possessed by the spirit of the late vocalist, it becomes apparent that the Nazgul are the unwitting center of a ritual to bring darkness to a world that rejected the light and love of the Sixties. Vivid characters, flower-child nostalgia, and an ominous vibe combine to make this an absorbing read.

Dublin-based Kennedy, 57, plays Scottish journalist Tannie Maria, who loves to cook. Through her advice column in a local paper, Maria dispenses recipes meant to cure whatever ailment the writer might be experiencing. This leads to solving murders involving her correspondents.

When the woman is murdered, Tannie Maria becomes dangerously entwined in the investigation, despite the best efforts of one striking detective determined to keep her safe. Suddenly, this practical, down-to-earth woman is involved in something much more sinister than perfecting her chocolate cake recipe . . .

Bringing together food and stories can create a hunger for people to turn the page. While those family recipes might be an archive, fictional tales can create an excitement over bringing something new to the table. Just like the written word can transport readers to a new world, the flavors on the plate can encourage people to explore flavor possibilities.

"I think it's something Irish people do a lot, as we love to sit down and chat. My friends and I definitely thrash things out together, although after several drinks, the advice tends to be less good!"

And I got the brief from my agent, and she was like, "I feel like you'd be perfect for this role." I read the script. I absolutely loved it. Honestly, the story jumps off the page. So I was like, "Okay, I'm just going to have fun with this. I got a friend to help me out. And then callbacks came along.

I loved that she was an educated character and she was empowered. I think that she's so well written. And she's so well-spoken and knows how to use her voice to help others who might not have a voice.

So she's putting a side eye to like, "Okay, cool. I love that you know how to use measuring cups, but I'm doing with the real big juicy stories." But as time unfolds, I think she has a deep respect for her because Tannie Maria doesn't ask her to be anything but herself.

I think it catches her so off-guard; she's like, "Oh, people respond to recipes? I thought people responded to a long article about..." And it's funny because Hattie says something. She's like, "Jessie, you can't pander to your readers." And Jessie's like, "Yeah, but I'm not going to dumb down. They need to get where I'm at."

That's lovely. Maria told me that all the cooking was real, which floored me. It was real cooking, and you guys got to eat it. What did you love the most? What was the best dish that they made?

Detective Meyer (who is almost never referred to by his first name) seems to be at the start of a relationship with Tannie Maria. At the same time, Jessie and Warrant Officer Regardt (Arno Greeff) seem almost certain to become engaged, but Helen (Jennifer Steyn) has tasked Jessie with writing an exposé about the murders for the national papers, and the piece will likely be critical of how the local police handled things. Will that put a strain on her relationship with Regardt? Might it cause Detective Meyer to look for another job, perhaps somewhere closer to his daughter?

In the show, Doyle Kennedy, 57, plays the Scottish recipe and advice columnist (combining cooking and sleuthing) Tannie Maria, who solves murder mysteries in between penning her series of successful cookbooks.

But what really sold Doyle Kennedy on the new show was that although it's a murder mystery it's not enormously violent or verging on pornographic, which so many scripts she was reading beforehand were.

Murder, She Wrote, while set in a small town, still had Jessica Fletcher (Angela Lansbury) solving murders every week (not that they all took place in Cabot Cove). Recipes for Love and Murder, meanwhile, stays true to the population of its fictional Eden, South Africa and trades a murder-of-the-week structure for an ongoing investigation that allows the colorful characters of Eden to flourish.

The killer has been caught! Thanks to Tannie Maria's determination and Jessie's intrepid spirit, Martine and Lawrence's murderer was caught...and killed! It was a dramatic conclusion to an action-packed and delicious mystery drama, sprinkled with a good dose of humour. It's safe to say, fans are going to miss Tannie M and her fellow citizens in Eden.

One good meal and a side of murder, please! Acorn TV's new Recipes for Love and Murder, which premieres Monday, Sept. 5, follows a South African advice and food columnist, Tannie Maria, who finds herself ensnared in the mysterious death of a correspondent's abusive husband.

An appetizing blend of mystery and good-natured friendship with a dash of mouth-watering recipes for each episode, the story follows Tannie and local journalist Jessie September as they investigate the small-town murder before the police find more victims -- and ET has an exclusive look at the trailer. 041b061a72


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