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How To Play Pocket Carrom On Your Nokia Mobile Phone

How to Play Pocket Carrom on Your Nokia Mobile Phone

Pocket Carrom is a fun and challenging game for Nokia mobiles that lets you enjoy the classic board game of carrom on your phone. Carrom is a popular game in South Asia, where players use a striker to hit coins into pockets on a board. The game requires skill, strategy and luck to win.

How to Play Pocket Carrom on Your Nokia Mobile Phone

In this article, we will show you how to play Pocket Carrom on your Nokia mobile phone with 128x160 resolution. You will learn how to download the game, how to choose the game mode, how to control the striker and how to score points. You will also get some tips and tricks to improve your game and beat your opponents.

How to Download Pocket Carrom for Nokia Mobiles

Pocket Carrom is a Java game that you can download for free from To download the game, follow these steps:

  • Go to and search for Mini Carrom Board.

  • Select the version that matches your phones screen resolution (128x160).

  • Click on Download and save the file to your phone.

  • Open the file and install the game on your phone.

You can also scan the QR code below to download the game directly to your phone:

How to Choose the Game Mode

Pocket Carrom offers two game modes: Classic and Arcade. You can choose the game mode from the main menu by pressing Select.

  • Classic mode: This mode follows the traditional rules of carrom. The player who wins the toss, strikes white coins and the loser strikes black. The first player to pocket all their coins wins the game. You can play against the computer or another human player.

  • Arcade mode: This mode is more fast-paced and challenging. You have to pocket as many coins as possible within a time limit. You can also collect power-ups that give you extra time, extra points or extra speed. You can play against the computer or another human player.

How to Control the Striker

To control the striker, you have to use the keypad or touch screen of your phone. Here are the basic controls:

  • To aim the striker, press 4 or 6 to move it left or right.

  • To adjust the power of the strike, press 2 or 8 to increase or decrease it.

  • To strike, press 5 or OK.

  • To change the camera angle, press 1 or 3.

  • To pause the game, press *.

You can also use touch screen gestures if your phone supports them. Here are the touch screen controls:

  • To aim the striker, swipe left or right on the screen.

  • To adjust the power of the strike, swipe up or down on the screen.

  • To strike, tap on the screen.

  • To change the camera angle, pinch in or out on the screen.

  • To pause the game, tap on the pause icon.

How to Score Points

The scoring system of Pocket Carrom depends on the game mode you choose. Here are the scoring rules for each mode:

  • Classic mode: You get one point for each coin you pocket. If you pocket your opponents coin, you lose one point. If you pocket the red coin (the queen), you get three points. However, you have to pocket another coin of your color in the same turn or in the next turn to cover it. Otherwise, it will be returned to the board. If you pocket your striker, you lose one point and one turn. The first player to score 25 points or more wins the game.

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