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Thomas Thompson
Thomas Thompson

[S6E20] The Strongest Among Us

Matthew Casey: Yes, I would. I would, actually. A lot of thought and consideration go into honoring those in our firehouse who struggle to overcome impossible odds. To earn a place of respect on any wall here at 51, well... that is only reserved for the strongest among us... which is why we would like to recognize Otis' cane. She bent, but she never broke. She fell, but she never stayed down. She had to endure palm sweat that no object on this planet should be subjected to. To Otis' cane.

[S6E20] The Strongest Among Us

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While running a secret errand, Dawson finds herself trapped in a collapsed parking structure. With all paths of exit blocked, she is forced to improvise and works double-duty to keep a number of injured individuals alive while trying to maintain peace among those trapped. Meanwhile, pressure is mounting on Casey as he begins to take on additional duties, Kidd grows increasingly skeptical of Hope after learning about rumors circulating and the firehouse receives a surprise visitor.

While Supernatural ended with the regular series and Sam and Dean finally found their peace, the franchise lives on. In October 2022, the prequel series The Winchesters kicked off and fans get to see the story of John Winchester meeting Mary and the two becoming hunters in their own right. This series has made many fans go back to revisit Supernatural because it has cast a new light on many of the things Sam and Dean faced, including the Men of Letters and even some of Supernatural's strongest characters that the boys faced and defeated over the years. With new monsters and the return of some old ones, the Supernatural franchise has some very overpowered angels and demons.

Supposedly his fight with Lucifer would have destroyed half the planet, but Castiel made sure that no one got to see it. Several seasons later, Supernatural introduced the concept of multiple universes, and a much better sense of who Michael is. He was still single-minded, but he plans, he threatens, and he fights. Michael made short work of Lucifer on a couple of occasions throughout season 13, and he finally fulfilled his destiny and decisively defeated his brother in the finale. By taking down Lucifer, the character finally proved himself to be, beyond all doubt, the strongest angel in all Supernatural.

Kripke never came back, but Chuck did. Rob Benedict was an unlikely choice to play the ruler of Heaven and Earth, but maybe that made him all the more perfect: no one would suspect him. His God was at times benevolent, aloof, dangerous, and of course, all-powerful, one of Supernatural's strongest characters. But not powerful enough to come out on top in a direct fight with his sister. God also lost all his power in the end at Jack's hands.

In the episode Gold Stars while The Lich was giving his speech about existence among the monsters seen before time Orgalorg appeared there, he was the smallest one there, somehow he made his way into the earth dimension. 041b061a72


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