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Thomas Thompson
Thomas Thompson

Sos Band Greatest Hits Full Album Zip

In October 2011 they released a new The Time album Condensate without any Prince input. The album was released under the new moniker The Original 7ven, as Prince owned the rights to the band name The Time. The band split once again shortly after.

Sos Band Greatest Hits Full Album Zip

Albeit not enrolled in the original band, but as a valet/bodyguard for Morris Day, Jerome Benton soon became a full-time member of the band, when on the road. After 3 of the original members left the group in late 1983, a new The Time band was assembled by Prince around the remaining members.

Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis founded the labels Perspective Records and Flyte Tyme Records and became one of the most successful production teams, working with everyone from Full Force and Janet Jackson to the S.O.S. Band and Human League. To this day millions of sales on over 100 albums they produced have exceeded gold, platinum, and multi-platinum status. Their personal record include 15 No. #1 pop hits, 25 No. #1 R&B chart toppers, multiple Grammy Awards, and numerous other accolades and honors.

In October 2011 they released a new The Time album Condensate without any Prince input. The album was released under the new moniker The Original 7ven, as Prince owned the rights to the band name The Time. In December 2011 Jesse Johnson announced he was leaving the band again, making their new name moot.

Zinc Alloy and the Hidden Riders of Tomorrow is an album by English rock band T. Rex, the ninth since Tyrannosaurus Rex's debut LP. It was released in March 1974 on the T.Rex record label, distributed by EMI. It was the first and only album to be released under the moniker "Marc Bolan & T. Rex".

Unlike many of T. Rex's previous albums, it was not released domestically in North America; instead, the record compagny released the U.S.-only Light of Love in August of the same year, featuring three tracks from Zinc Alloy while the remainder songs would appear on the band's next album, Bolan's Zip Gun.

Zinc Alloy was met with bemusement by the listening public. It reportedly confused listeners and divided the band's fanbase at the time, while critical reception was universally negative.[3] Critical re-evaluation has been slightly more favourable, but it remains an oddity in the T. Rex canon due to its style incorporating funk and R&B influences. The album peaked at number 12 in the UK Albums chart.

Singer, guitarist, songwriter Marc Bolan was one of the first English artists to record in Germany, at Musicland Studios in Munich;[2] most basic recordings were done in 1973 between February and June. Bolan was unsatisfied with what he perceived as insufficient reception to the single "20th Century Boy"(which reached #3 position in March 1973) and eager to experiment instrumentally in ways the band's previous highly structured pop-oriented work had not allowed. His two main influences were his relationship with musician and songwriter Gloria Jones, and an affection for the black radio station music he heard while touring the US.[4]The album was mixed after the band's return from their US tour, at the end of which drummer Bill Legend quit. The mixing was difficult as Bolan was heavy on drugs. He wanted to keep control and didn't listen to any Visconti's advice. This was the last time that Visconti worked with the band.[5]

The sleeve only had to show the subtitle A Creamed Cage in August but EMI decided to add a banner with the name of the band before printing.[3] The album was released five weeks after the end of the UK Tour. The band had asked that the initial pressings were a multi-layered triple gatefold sleeve, a latticework image of the current cover featuring singer Marc Bolan's face in a pale gold surround, meant to fold-out into the 'Creamed Cage' of the subtitle.[5] It peaked at number twelve in the UK Albums chart and the lead single, "Teenage Dream", reached No. 13 in the singles chart.[8]


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