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Thomas Thompson
Thomas Thompson

Rose Rhapsody

This Rhapsody in Blue Floribunda Rose is one of the world's best selling roses. It possesses beautifully produced lilac blue flowers combined with dark green glossy foliage. This wonderful bloom has a lovely fragrance and paired with its colouring the result is remarkable. A rose for everybody to revel in.

rose rhapsody

This hardy variety has a citrus or old rose fragrance. Its high centered, 6" double blooms have 41 to 50 petals and will flower in flushes throughout the season, giving your garden color for an extended period. A favorite choice of florists, the Hybrid Tea has long stems with classic blooms.

This painting was so abundantly lush and incredibly exciting! I wanted to capture that feeling by choosing these large rich garden roses and pairing them with this antique confit jar in its most beautiful shade of green. I viewed these roses as incredibly strong and robust, not fragile. Their fragrance filled the studio intoxicating my senses even further. 041b061a72


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