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Luca Scott
Luca Scott

Wingspan Special Edition WORK

Is there a way of playing base wingspan + Oceania expansion with the original mat and food dice? We prefer to play without nectar but would love to keep the great birds south as the rainbow lorikeet in the playing deck.

Wingspan Special Edition

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Wingspan is a board game designed by Elizabeth Hargrave and published by Stonemaier Games in 2019. It is a card-driven, engine-building board game in which players compete to attract birds to their wildlife reserves. During the game's development process, Hargrave constructed personal charts of birds observed in Maryland, with statistics sourced from various biological databases; the special powers of birds were also selected to resemble real-life characteristics. Upon its release, Wingspan received critical and commercial acclaim for its gameplay, accurate thematic elements, and artwork. The game also won numerous awards, including the 2019 Kennerspiel des Jahres. Several expansions and a digital edition have been subsequently published.

In Wingspan, players spend food resources to add birds, which are represented by 170 individually illustrated cards,[2] to the forest, prairie, and wetland habitats on their player boards. Each habitat is associated with a different player action: gaining food resources to pay for birds, laying eggs on birds, or drawing cards.[3] Over the course of four rounds, players take turns activating the habitats on their player boards or adding new birds. As birds are added to a habitat, the basic action of gaining food, laying eggs, or drawing cards associated with that habitat is improved. Additionally, some birds have special abilities that are activated when a player uses their habitat.[4][5]

Wingspan was designed by Elizabeth Hargrave, a health consultant in Silver Spring, an amateur birder, and a former policy analyst for NORC at the University of Chicago.[6] The game was inspired by Hargrave's visits to Lake Artemesia near her home in Maryland.[7] Hargrave stated that she selected the theme because "there were too many games about castles and space, and not enough games about things I'm interested in".[8] During her visits, she would create personal charts of the birds she observed there,[7] with the size of the dataset reaching 596 rows by 100 columns.[9] The special powers afforded by the birds in the game closely resemble the unique characteristics of the actual birds documented by Hargrave's efforts, with statistics on the diet, habitat, status, and wingspan of birds sourced from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, the IUCN Red List, and National Audubon Society.[10][11]

Wingspan received widespread acclaim upon release.[25][26][27] The game's action system was praised by Matt Thrower from IGN, who described it as "an excruciating balance between adding birds, feeding them and scoring points". The review also positively commented on the game's replayability as each bird card is unique.[28] Stuart West from Nature agreed, noting the replay value of each game due to the unique powers of the bird cards and bonus cards. The strategic decisions for the game were also praised.[29] The diverse interconnections of the bird abilities were commented on by Dan Kois from Slate, which stated that the birds were "knitted together into a web of complex, mutually beneficial relationships" as the game progresses.[30] Similarly, Angela Chuang from Science described the engine building mechanisms as "compelling", and their resemblance to community ecology.[31] Writing for the New Scientist, Dino Motti listed Wingspan as one of the nine best science-themed board games and described the game as containing "hundreds of beautifully illustrated bird cards with special abilities that synergise as they inhabit a range of environments".[32]

The first digital versions of the game were released in 2020 on Steam and Switch, with Android and iOS versions also released in 2021.[49][50][51] According to Slate, as of August 2021, Wingspan had sold 125,000 combined copies of digital editions on the platforms combined.[52] A video game edition for Wingspan European Expansion was also later released.[53] The adaptation received generally favourable reviews and was praised for its visuals and soundtrack.[54][55]

The standard CD set in the UK has the barcode number 7243 5 32876 2 7, while this limited edition set was made in the USA and has the catalogue number 7243 5 32943 2 8. It caries the Capitol and MPL logos on the cover and on the CDs.

These gorgeous large lapel pins are great for displaying on your backpack, purse, jacket, etc! They are approximately 34mm tall by 39mm wide. (For scale, a US quarter is 24.26mm in diameter) This item is a limited edition pin made for the Gen Con 2019 Pin Bazaar.

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