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Luca Scott
Luca Scott

Fine Digital Finedrive 400 Quick Start Manual [BETTER]

Features: MD Player/Recorder (ATRAC 4.0, 1-bit Digital/Analog Converter, Editing functions (add, move, erase, divide, combine, etc.), Disc/track titling, 32-track programmable play). 3 CD Changer (Drawerload, 2-disc play exchange, 32-track programmable play, Random/repeat play (individual and all discs), 1-bit Digital/Analog Converter, Digital Filter with 8-times oversampling). Cassette Deck (Direct Program Search (DPSS), Dolby B noise reduction, Auto-reverse, 2 heads (playback/record, erase), Digital counter). Tuner (Auto preset programming, Automatic and manual tuning, Quartz Phase Locked Loop (PLL) syntheszied digital tuning, 40 presets). Amplifier (150 watts total output (75w + 75w), 2 channels). Speakers (3-way, magnetically shielded, ported, 6" woofer, 2" tweeter, 1" supertweeter, Removable grille). Other features: Sampling Rate Converter, 3-band equalizer (high, middle, low), 4 presets (3 pre-programmed, 1 manual), Extra Bass boost, Natural Bass, AUX input level control, One touch MD/cassette synchronized recording, Surround sound (3D), Spectrum analyzer display, Clock, timer, Smart Menu control, Multifunction jog dials (volume control, MD disc/track titling, etc.), Remote control.

Fine Digital Finedrive 400 Quick Start Manual


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